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Middle Eastern Dance Class

Strengthen, Stretch and Tone. Laugh, make friends and learn to belly dance. Each class begins with a warm-up that includes stretching and exercises designed to build the control and strength necessary for Middle Eastern dance. Belly dance requires control of each muscle group in the body; shoulders, arms, chest, hip, and of course the abdomen. Movements that use these muscle groups are taught separately and in combination.

You will learn to create the rhythm of Middle Eastern dance by using Zills( Finger cymbals). Munira is a Professional Pianist and teaches private piano lessons. These skills makes her an superb Zills player and an excellent teacher.

You will learn to dance with veils, swords, tambourines, and even Aladdin's Lamps. 

All classes are taught in a new private studio. In addition to the basic requirements of a mirror wall and wooden floor you will experience the ambience of the Middle East. You are surrounded by Egyptian tapestries, statuary, and papyrus paintings.

A yoga mat is recommended for "floor" work. Students are encouraged to wear comfortable workout clothing and a Middle Eastern hip scarf. Scarves and other Middle Eastern accessories are available for sale at the studio.

Class times

    Beginners:    7:30 to 8:30 pm    Monday

    Intermediate / Advanced:    8:30 to 10:00 pm Monday

    Private Classes available by appointment

Class Location

    Creve Coeur, Missouri    -    Call for directions    314-569-2202