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Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire


We've jumped into fun at the Renaissance Faire in a big way. We are presenting Friendship Flies the Sun on the Friendship Stage (La Scene de Amitie) in the Children's Kingdom. We've built this stage specifically to accommodate our show. We are close to the audience and we've made it easy for children to participate in the Camel Caravan and the Veil Dance by joining us on the stage.

Check out these photos of the stage and the show. Notice the audience participation.

May and June 2008


May and June 2007
This year we've added a castle to the back of the stage. Yes, it's a purple castle. And we have a new sign to let
you know the name of the stage.

Visit us at the Middle Eastern Bazaar



And some friends

May and June 2006




Check out some friends that paid us a visit

Now, please meet some of our friends in the Children's Kingdom.

And the Petting Zoo.

Other shops and friends.




The Joust

 See, Were having fun at the faire!!!!